Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 Breastfeeding Mother of Color of the Month: Andrea Joiner Oliver

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We are starting 2012 on a super high note with this January Breastfeeding Mother of Color of the Month, Andrea Joiner Oliver.  Andrea is so kind, focused and knowledgeable about breastfeeding.  She should be by now.  She breastfed her first set of twins and is currently breastfeeding her second set of twins.  Yes, two sets of twins!  So, you see why we chose her to start 2012 off on a strong note.  We congratulate you, Andrea, and honor you for all you've done in the name of Motherhood.

Introducing...Andrea Joiner Oliver

Profession:   Secretary/Treasurer of Joiner Fire SprinklerCo., Inc.

Child(ren) & Age(s):   Daryl Jr. "DJ" & John Robert "JR" 2 years / Aidan & Averi 11months

How long did/are you breastfeed(ing)?  I breastfed DJ & JR for 1 year and Aidan & Averi are still breastfeeding.

How did you know to breastfeed?  I was told by doctors and friends that it was best for my kids.

Please explain to us your overall breastfeeding experience.  My overall experience with breastfeeding has been great.  I enjoyed the process and knowing I was giving my children the very best of me.

How are you inspired by your breastfeeding experience?  I am inspired because I know I am doing what is best for my children.  I have asthma and allergies and know by breastfeeding my children it reduces the risk of them having those same ailments.

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome during your breastfeeding experience?  With DJ and JR I was disappointed because I had to supplement formula with breastfeeding.  That made me feel like a bad mom since I did not produce enough milk.  With Averi and Aidan I have not had to supplement and that has made me really happy knowing I am giving them the very best at all times.  It allowed me to see that I can produce enough milk and supply my children’s needs.

How do you think being a Mother of Color effects your breastfeeding experience?  It really hasn’t affected my experience.  It moreso amazes me how breastfeeding is not as popular with women of color.  Breastfeeding should be encouraged more to women of color so its popularity increases and women know to give the very best to their children.

What are some of the ways you inspire other mothers to breastfeed and get the word of encouragement out in the community?  I encourage mothers to breastfeed and share with them, if I can breastfeed twins twice, I know they can too.

Andrea Joiner Oliver, a graduate of Hampton University and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., is a proud wife and mother.  She has been married to Daryl L. Oliver since June 2, 2007. They are the proud parents of two sets of twins.  The oldest set, Daryl Jr. "DJ" and John Robert "JR", are 2 years old and the youngest set, Aidan and Averi, are 11 months old.  The Olivers currently reside in Alabaster, Alabama.

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