Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to The Abiyamo Omo Society Blog!

Let's start off saying welcome to THE ABIYAMO OMO SOCIETY!

Vanessa and I are so excited to start blogging our work and perspectives on everything breastfeeding, childbirth and support of motherhood.  We have a plethora of opinions, facts and hands-on experience working in the maternal-child health sector.  We love it so much we decided to get degrees on the subject.  We are doing so much to assist the lactation and childbirth community in making changes.  So, here is our first blog to introduce Abiyamo Omo.

What is The Abiyamo Omo Society?
The Abiyamo Omo Society is a non-profit organization created to support mothers of color in breastfeeding, childbirth, child rearing, domestic needs, legislation and any other maternal resources needed.  It started off on the internet as a Ning web community and has now grow to an actual support group that meets monthly at University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) and working on establishing another group on the far south side.

Although our focus is on Black and Brown mothers, we open our meetings to all races from all cultural backgrounds.  All mothers are welcome to come whether they are currently breastfeeding or not, have children of any age or are pregnant.  This organization is here to support moms.

We do our best to provide the proper education, resources and emotional support to the moms who attend our meetings.  Also, we are considering involving arts and crafts at our meetings, such as knitting and journaling.  Our meetings are mommy-led, meaning the meetings are open to mothers deciding what to discuss.  We do advocate for breastfeeding, natural childbirth and natural parenting (skin-to-skin, babywearing, etc.).

There is no fee required to join The Abiyamo Omo Society.  We welcome donations and at some point we will ask for an optional membership dues once the organization becomes a 501(c)3.

Please subscribe to our blog and enjoy our rants, knowledge and motherly silliness.  Again, welcome to our Society.

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