Friday, September 30, 2011

The Lactation Professional Community Needs to Do Better

Our work in the community with Black and Brown women has opened our eyes to many issues in the lactation profession.  These issues need to be address in order to successfully reach the goal of Every Mother, Every Child to receive optimal nutrition from breastmilk.  We are not revealing these issues with malintent but want to open a discussion so we can address, accept and resolve these issues so we (everyone in the lactation profession) can be more successful and do the work we love.

1. There are territorial fights that draw our attention away from helping mothers and babies.

We noticed organizations are putting other organizations on the "Do Not Hire/Do Not Do Business With Them" list.  There are organizations that are also firing highly effective and highly knowledgeable women because of egos and issues that can easily be worked out without lashing out in dramatic ways.  There is enough work for everyone.  If an organization/company has a problem with another organization/company then there needs to be a conversation between the two of them, not passive aggressive

2. Constant negativity when discussing change in lactation policies and procedures.

We've noticed there is so much negativity about change and reaching out to the larger medical community.  As Vanessa and I experience when we talk to doctors, they are very receptive.  Change is great 90% of the time.  The other 10% you accept it and still work on achieving your goals.  Embrace everyone who walks on your path.  If they are harming your path, believe me, the Universe will take care of them for you and move them out of the way.  We are now in a time if your intentions are not genuinely on the collective community and building enlightenment then your project will not work.

3.  Cliques are old.  Be inclusive not exclusive.

This is nothing new but to the lactation professional community for some reason there is a lot of holding on to the exclusive philosophy.  Fortunately, there are some highly experienced and seasoned lactation professionals who understand being inclusive benefits not only their work but the collective vision of the breastfeeding community.  We've noticed the women who are including new philosophies, new professionals and new paths are very successful and their work is making huge differences with many Mothers and Children.  To those women, and men, we salute you.

4.  Egos!

No one is trying to take your job.  You are good at what you do, if you are doing anything.  Please understand that.  Like I stated earlier, there is plenty of work for EVERYONE!  Don't be a hater (excuse the vernacular).  You look ugly and every notices you as such.  If you continue "hating" and "breast-blocking" there will come a time when you will notice you are by yourself.  While you are being nasty, excluding and spreading misinformation you are not working with Mothers and Children.  Eventually, everyone will pass you.

5.  No Microsoft mentality in the lactation professional community is necessary.

Stop thinking you are a big box in this business.  The large corporation mentality is fading.  There should be no domination in this business.  Get off of our toes.  We never entered your personal space.  Now, if you want to play this game, take notes, we can definitely play the game and be tougher than any diamond.  We shine brighter too.  Vanessa and I know business and emotions are like oil and water.  We are rolling up our sleeves right now.

So, we are not scared.  We are not going to fight you either.  We are here to work WITH everyone.  We are here to educate, support and empower Mothers so they can pass on the education, support and empowerment to their children.  That's our mission.  If you want to unite with us we are open to bonding.  If you want to hinder our process be ready to be amazed at how much we do NOT need you.  Eat our dust...and drink our milk.  Ooo, how sweet it is.

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