Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meditate On This!

Just curious, how would you, being a Lactavist, Lactation Consultant or breastfeeding advocate, approach this woman if she was talking to you?

"[Th]is sooo random today. Soooo, while doing pre-registration for Labor & Delivery, I changed my mind (again) about breast-feeding. I'm not gonna do it. The nurse looked at me like she was mad. I almost let the B-word, are you gonna have a baby hanging off YOUR booby, ma'am? Um, no. Gee to the whiz....that's cool...i also have 3 very active boys and all the stuff they do...they were all formula fed and havent really had major health issues. I agree it's probably better...there are just a lot of dynamics involved that made me choose what i feel is the right thing for my baby. Kudos to those that can & do breastfeed tho :)"

This is an actual quote, by the way, I got from the internet.  It is definitely something to meditate about and think about how you would respond.  Hmmm...


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  1. My job is to inform and encourage. I believe in women...that they are smart and capable of making decisions that work for them and their family. If she is informed, she is the one most qualified to choose.